• Jen Langhals

Ways to keep your yard healthy

Summer is almost here! Among other things, like popsicles and bike rides, summer means longer days, warmer temperatures, greener grass and lots of colorful flowers. And naturally, we are all spending a lot more time outside, soaking up all the beauty and splendor of the season.

Make sure your yard stays healthy this summer by taking a few precautions to protect your plants, flowers and lawn from the heat and extensive sun exposure.

Set Your Mower to a Higher Setting: Prevent grass from drying out during the hot summer months by putting your mower on a higher blade setting. You may need to mow more frequently, but longer grass blades allow the growth of longer roots and help to keep moisture in the soil, resulting in lush, healthier looking grass.

Vary Your Mowing Pattern: Overtime, grass learns which direction it’s being cut and may start to bend in the direction you typically mow. To avoid this, vary the pattern you mow each time. Not only does this help your blades grow straight, but it also helps prevent lawn ruts and keeps your yard from looking worn down. 

Keep Shrubs and Bushes Trimmed: Tame the wild shrubs or bushes growing throughout your yard by regularly trimming them and helping them keep their shape. This will allow light and air to reach the plant and improve its growth long-term.

Start a Compost Pile: Composting helps you eliminate your food waste and improve the quality of your soil, which means prettier flowers and a healthier garden. Consider starting a compost bin or pile for a more sustainable — and happy — yard.

Water Plants and Flowers Regularly: Stick to a consistent watering schedule throughout the summer to keep your plants and flowers hydrated in the summer heat. Consider installing a sprinkler system or a soaker hose to make this process easier and more efficient!

Cheers to a happy and healthy yard this summer!


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