• Jen Langhals

Spring DIY Myths

We're all looking for fun and productive ways to spend our time while we're at home; you can’t do much better than taking on a new DIY project. These can be so fun especially if you have a few extra helping hands around! However, before you pull out your hammer and nails, familiarize yourself with some common DIY myths.

Myth 1: You’ll Save Money with DIY

Doing a job yourself will remove labor costs and with simple projects, this is definitely a good option. However, there are many home improvement projects that will benefit from the experience of a trained professional. Trained experts know what products to use, already have the necessary tools, and will know the quickest and easiest way to complete your project.

Myth 2: Weekend Projects

Many of the projects you find online that are advertised as “weekend projects” may end up taking much longer. You never know when the need for a different tool, screw, or weather will delay your project. So, be prepared for your weekend project to take a little longer... we've got all the time in the world now, right?

Myth 3: DIY Projects Don’t Need Inspections

Unless your home-improvement project is a cosmetic update, such as new paint or deck staining, there’s a good chance you need a permit, inspection, or both. If you fail to complete these steps and someone is hurt as a result, you could be liable for the injuries.

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