• Jen Langhals

How to Declutter and Help Your Community in 2020

What began as treasure can easily become clutter over the course of a year. If you’re looking to clear out items you no longer use, why not donate it to someone in need? Here are three things you can donate to make a positive difference to someone in your community and reclaim space in your home.

1. Coats Are you running out of closet space? If you have coats you no longer wear, consider giving them to someone in need. Organizations such as St. Vincent de Paul runs a coat drive with drop off locations all over Cincinnati. It will free up space for your other storage needs and help someone stay warm in the new year.

2. Furniture Big, bulky furniture can be very comfortable, but it also makes most homes feel smaller than they are. If you’re looking to reclaim space, consider donating over-sized furniture items to a charitable organization like The Salvation Army, they even have a site to schedule pick-ups. 

3. Electronics If you have working tablets, phones, computers, or TVs lying around that you no longer use, consider donating them to a family in need. Your old tech could be just what a student needs to help them succeed in school. Moving.com has a great list of charitable organizations that will accept your electronic donations. 

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